EthnoAnthropoZoom, a journal of the Institute ofEthnology and Anthro­pology at “Ss. Cyril and Methodius University” in Skopje opens call for the next thematic issue:   “Changing economies and changing societies in the age of global capitalism: post-socialist case studies”, Guest editor of the Issue Dr. Miladina Monova from BAS-ISSK,Bulgaria.     Three decades after the fall of the Berlin wall, post-socialist societies are becoming increasingly integrated into global markets that are dominated by neoliberal ideologies. People struggle in their everyday life with common uncertainties, processes of dispossession and destructive forces but also creatively respond to the new realities imposed by global capitalism. By engaging in farming, factory work, mining, selling goods and services or in labor migration, individuals and groups demonstrate the embeddedness of the economy in social relations and simultaneously become a mirror through which we can observe changing norms and values. For this issue, we invite contributions that examine economic practices in their relation to land, money and labor and cases that delve into the ways in which the economy, both as a social institution and a vehicle of ideology, interacts with other institutions such as kinship, religion, and politics. Comparative and historical approaches would help us to bring the question of whether or not there is anything left from the socialist experience of the 20th century but also when and how economic logics are rooted in more ancient social and cultural features. EthnoAnthropoZoom is a journal of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthro­pology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at “Ss. Cyril and Methodius University” in Skopje. This journal focuses on articles belonging to the fields of ethnol­ogy, socio-cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology and theoretical anthropology, as well as articles belonging to related scientific disciplines. All published papers in the journal have been peer reviewed by experts from correspond­ing fields from Macedonia and abroad.  The articles in the journal are published bilingualy in Macedonian and English. Priority is given to domestic and foreign authors of original scientific articles that focus upon ethnological and anthropological problems in Macedonia (separately or comparatively). Also eligible are original scientific texts that refer to the wider region of South-easternEurope. Deadline for Title and Abstract submission is 30 of May 2018. Deadline for papers submission is 30 of September 2018. Articles submission is online: Author guidelines and other details are published on EthnoAnthropoZoom Website: