THE GROUND WAS TREMBLING WHOLE NIGHT Memories and stories of the Skopjans about the devastating earthquake in 1963

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Blaž Andoljšek


On the 26th of July tremendous earthquake occurred, which destroyed around 80 percent of the city. More than 1,070 people died. However, memories of people who survived it are still very lively. Besides all damage that was left behind, it also lit up solidarity from all around the globe. Donations and help came from many countries. The article will focus on life stories and memories of how they remember happening before, during, and after the earthquake. Today we can still find reminders that show us that difficult period, such as a broken clock at the Old Railway Station.


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Andoljšek, Blaž. 2021. “THE GROUND WAS TREMBLING WHOLE NIGHT”. EthnoAnthropoZoom/ЕтноАнтропоЗум 21 (21), 115-31.
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